Antibiotic therapy for many illnesses

Antibiotics are prescribed for a lot of infections like strep throat, ear infection and a lot of other illness. Antibiotic therapy means the use of antibiotics for treating, improving or preventing any illness.

The level of antibiotic therapy depends on many factors such as the intensity of the illness and health factors. There are antibiotic therapies that are only administered for a short duration, may be a few days or for a few weeks. But in certain conditions, it could be administered for a longer period, may be for months. There are also single dose antibiotic therapies, which are given ahead of some surgery. Antibiotic therapy can be administered in oral form, injections and as intravenous forms.

Once the doctor goes for antibiotic therapy, one should have to take care that the whole dose is completed. It is not good to stop the therapy in the middle of a course after feeing better. If an antibiotic therapy is stopped in the middle of a course, there are possibilities that the infection or the illness could relapse. Moreover, an antibiotic that has been used for a person should not be shared with others.

It is always better to take antibiotics only after consulting the physician. It should also be noted that only the prescribed antibiotics should have to be taken; an overdose can make matters worse. An overdose of antibiotic can cause bacteria to become resistant to the therapy. This is why doctors prescribe antibiotic therapy only if there is a necessity.