Antibiotic Resistant Disease - Man Made Problem

With more and more new discoveries daily it’s no surprise antibiotics are in limelight. Media has highlighted the recent fact that the antibiotics work on reducing the lower back pain. Even newspaper quoted saying that antibiotics can cure up to 40% of chronic lower back pain. This is indeed a very gilt-edged discovery and can change the life of many chronic lower back sufferers if it’s true but that doesn’t mean everything media highlights is true.

So the number of things this modic antibiotic spine therapy (MAST) can treat is very limited. The specific type being the modic- related back pain (MRBP) and if we include the numbers that have been quoted by the newspaper that is between 30-40% of chronic lower back sufferers. Moreover, the studies have been investigated as the authors of the said study have failed to prove the claim of their therapy and to explain the authenticity of the links provided to the company that authorizes the doctor’s signature on the legality of the product. That means that the above data claiming that 40% of chronic lower back sufferers can be cured is not accurate as it sounds.

Also the study is at a huge risk of bigotry if it is feigned that the failing to announce a link was a bona fide mistake then the course of treatment would involve taking antibiotics almost 3 times a day for 100 days. This is what the right method is for people in approximately 80% of cases. Therefore this then means that 16% of all chronic lower back pain sufferers can profit from treatment and 85% will not profit, if the numbers cited are deft. This is no doubt a high percentage but let’s not forget studies more accurate provide 100% verification.

After every treatment there comes a time when people feel some side-effects and that’s the case here if you take antibiotics for a long period of time. You know that drugs eventually cure you but it affects people also. We live in society where people follow examples very religiously whether you’re benefitting from it or not. Antibiotics are often over prescribed and then it leads to bacterial resistance where the bacteria become stronger. The course of action of the treatment is very lengthy and authors usually concluded that 20% of the patients will have no improvements from the therapy. So out of 10 patients that have been on MAST treatment and this would mean 600 antibiotics have been used that will do nothing and are considered as wastage.

This is a great study and would be a breakthrough if the data collected is true. This would bring so much joy to the people suffering from lower back pain even if small percentage of people can only benefit from it. I hope that in future more such small ventures gain publicity and authenticity so that the suffering of the people is decreased. There should be more independent studies achieved that can help people.