Tooth Pulp Infection in Men

A tooth pulp infection is a common condition which affects a lot of men across the globe. The condition affects the pulp part of the teeth and can be quite a painful experience. The tooth is made up of three parts, enamel, dentin and the dental pulp.

What Is Tooth Pulp Infection?

Tooth pulp infection or Pulpitis is inflammation of dental pulp tissue. The pulp contains nerves and tissues inside the tooth and provides the blood and the nutrients to it.

What Causes Tooth Pulp Infection?

It is caused by untreated caries, multiple restorations or trauma. Untreated caries are usually the biggest reason for this infection. They penetrate the enamel and dentin to reach the pulp. In case the patient has inflammation it can be a result of bacterial infection. Inflammation can also happen due to repetitive trauma or in rare case of periodontitis. Due to the inflammation, pressure builds in the pulp cavity, creating pressure on the nerve of the tooth.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tooth Pulp Infection?

The symptoms of the tooth pulp infection depend on the type of the pulp disease. Some of the symptoms are pain in the tooth or teeth, intense pain or infection in the mouth. The symptom of pain can be aggravated when you have something hot or cold. Sometimes the infection may not cause any pain.

How is Tooth Pulp Infection diagnosed?

Tooth Pulp Infection can be diagnosed through a physical exam done by a dentist. This can involve provoking stimuli by applying heat, cold or percussion to the affected teeth or tooth. The doctor can also use electric pulp tester to check if the pulp is alive or not. X-rays can help know if the inflammation has gone beyond the tooth apex and can help remove any other possibilities.

What Is The Treatment Of Tooth Pulp Infection?

In some cases the pulp vitality can be maintained by treating the tooth. The caries can be removed and then restoring the teeth. However, in other cases, a root canal treatment can be done. In this procedure an opening is made in the tooth and the pulp is removed. The treatment is then monitored for a month. In case the patient develops any symptoms of infection such as pain or infection the doctor can prescribe an oral antibiotic. In case the symptoms persist or worsen, the doctor can repeat the therapy. Also in case of root canal treatment the doctor will have to consider tooth facture, neurologic disorder or temporomandibular disorder. Some dentists believe that there is no treatment required for a dead tooth, however, many will disagree.

What Are The Consequences Of Tooth Pulp Infection?

Tooth pulp infection can lead to severe pain and can pass from one tooth to another, hence treatment is imperative. However, in case the infection spreads beyond the jaw to the head or the neck, then extensive medical care will be required. In such cases the patient might have to be hospitalized and undergo surgery.