A wide knowledge of Genital Herpes

There are hundreds of such health problems which are not very common in people so they do not have knowledge about such medical problems. In case if any one got such health problem, he should visit the doctor’s clinic. Common medical problems like cough, fever and flu etc can be treated with the help of familiar medicines but these medicines are not very effective for other health problems. For Example, if a person is suffering of AIDS, then he has no choice other than going to a professional doctor because this problem is still incurable. In short, I want to say that those health problems which are very severe in conditions and still incurable, you should consult to a doctor rather than practicing different medicines on your own body.

In this article, I will discuss about an infection that is still incurable. There are many scientists who are spending their days and nights to find the solution of this health problem. This infection is called as genital herpes. Since this infection shows its results near to the genital organs so this infection is always transmitted through sexual intercourse. There are few things which you should consider to avoid this infection. First of all, try to avoid having sex with that person who is suffering with this infection because there are more than 90% chances that the virus of this infection will transfer into your body. Well, if you are very desperate to have sex and cannot stop yourself, then you must use safety things which can avoid the transmission of virus to your body e.g. Condom and Safety Gel.

This infection increases the trouble of the affected person to manifold. It becomes very necessary to get a good treatment after getting this infection because it is very painful to lead life for many weeks with this infection. The affected person feels a lot of itching, irritation, headache and affected women also feel vaginal excretions. These things are also considered as the normal symptoms of genital herpes. When blisters appear on the skin and break up, then infection become more severe. After the breaking of blisters, the fluid coming out of the blisters spreads over the normal part of the body and cause increase in infected area. What you need to do in this case? If you are facing this situation, then go immediately to your doctor and ask for medicines. He may prescribe you an antiseptic cream that should be applied on the infected skin. This will reduce the pain due to the blisters.

Blisters could appear on mouth if a lady does have oral sex with his affected partner. Doctors always recommend that sexual activity should be prohibited in case of this infection. Affected people should try their best to stop the transmission of this infection as much as possible. For those who do not know, there is no permanent solution for this infection and doctor only treat it with the help of simple medicines which are not actually made for this purpose.